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The behavioral style of yourself and your team

The conflict style is a method to get a quick picture of how to approach conflicts.
You thereby gain insight into the main points of how you adapt your natural approach to conflicts to your (work) environment.

Everyone has several so-called ‘conflict colors’, all of which are combinations of a certain conflict approach: Fighting ( Orange ), Rejecting ( gray ), Connect ( purple ) and Avoid ( green )

A conflict style is not right or wrong, because depending on the situation, each style has its advantages and disadvantages.
It is extremely useful to know how others approach conflicts in your work environment.
Understanding how your own approach to conflict is perceived by others is also quite useful.
After all, it is always easy to remove some sharp edges from your own approach to conflict, than to try to change that from someone else.

Try it yourself, you can find LE-Conflict at

LE-Conflict de gedragsstijlscan over de omgang met conflicten
LE-Behavior the behavioralstylescan

Who is LE Conflict for?

Individuals and groups in education, organizations and companies

For educational settings

In education, insight into the approach to conflicts is important, for example if you monitor group processes in learning projects.

For organizations and companies:

In organizations, insight into the approach to conflicts is important, for example if you monitor group processes.

What is the use of LE-Conflict?

Become aware of your own or your team's dynamics

LE-Behavior the behavioralstylescan

Which versions of LE-Conflict are there?

Personally or with each other

For LE-Conflict we offer 2 versions, namely the individual scan and the team scan.

Individual scan

It is valuable to know the characteristic approach to conflicts of your friends, family, colleagues or team members. It can also be particularly useful if you understand how others view your conflict approach! And how others can respond to your approach. That is handy, because that way you can take your sharp edges off your own conflict approach. After all, changing someone else’s approach to conflict is much more difficult, if at all possible.

Team scan

Conflict approach is relevant in business and team processes. Whether conflicts are resolved in a positive way or with a negative outlook makes a difference. Whether people actively deal with the conflicts as a team or whether they remain passive is important.
The conflict style scan team is a great tool to prevent conflicts in advance.



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